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Common Behavior Problems

Escaping Behavior

We are referring to dogs who either jump over, climb over, dig out or chew out of their yards. If your intact male dog is doing this, your first step is to have him neutered. Not all escape problems are due to sexual roaming, but this is a good bet if your dog isn’t neutered.

Where does your dog go, and what does your dog do after he gets out of the yard? If she sticks close to the house, and you often find her sitting on the front porch, chances are it’s a separation anxiety problem. If she wanders the neighborhood, visits other people and dogs, she may be a social butterfly and is just bored being in the yard all by herself.

Check to see if your dog’s escapes are linked to thunderstorms, fireworks, hot air balloons, or other startling noises such as trash trucks or construction equipment. If her escapes are fear motivated, she’s still likely to find a way out, even if she hurts herself, no matter what barriers you put up.

If you find her outside of the yard when you come home, it’s too late to punish her, which likely wouldn’t be the thing to do even if you caught her in the act. You first must decide why your dog is escaping so you can choose the best course of action. We can help.

Schedule a consultation so we can give you personalized, individual assistance to keep your dog home and safe.

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