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Welcome All Pet Parents to
HelpingFido.com and HelpingKitty.com



Your pet care provider has referred you to us for information about or an educational product regarding your pet’s behavior. Whether you are being proactive – as in preparing your dog for your baby’s arrival – or needing help with an existing problem – perhaps your cat isn’t using her litterbox – you’ll find information at HelpingFido.com or HelpingKitty.com that will help you.

When you have concerns about your pet’s behavior, first contact your veterinarian to be sure your pet’s behavioral changes are not due to medical conditions. Once your veterinarian determines your pet is healthy, the information in our e-books, DVDs and CDs and downloadable programs gives you the help you need to not only understand your pet’s behavior but change it for the better.

Our products are organized by behavior category such as dog aggression to people, cat house-soiling, dog barking problems, fearful or fighting felines, and many more. When you visit each category you’ll find useful information right there on the website, plus step by step coverage of the problem in a CD, DVD and/or a downloadable format so more in depth help is just a few clicks away.

Remember that your pet’s behavioral issues do not have “quick fixes”. Don’t believe the claims that all you need to do is be “alpha” over your dog and everything will be fine. It’s also not true that cats can’t be trained or that your pet is misbehaving even though he “knows better”, is mad at you, jealous, “copping an attitude” or any number of other explanations for human behavior.

Let’s not waste any more time! Go to HelpingFido.com or HelpingKitty.com right now to get the help you need. Don’t forget to sign up for our free online newsletter so you can continue to learn more about your pet’s behavior from the educational articles contained there.


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