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Become An ABA Affiliate! Affiliate status allows you to provide your clients with our behavior products from www.HelpingFido.com and www.HelpingKitty.com and create a new profit center for your business. Better than selling retail from your facility because you have no inventory or ordering to worry about. We ship the order.

PLUS, many of our products will be available as digital downloads, giving your clients IMMEDIATE access to behavior resources that will answer their questions about their pet’s behavior, and help them prevent and resolve behavior problems.

You know your clients are searching the web for help, often finding poor quality and even dangerous information. Now you can provide them easy access to information you trust and want them to have, while being compensated financially for your efforts.

Here’s How It Works

Once you are approved as an affiliate, you’ll use the unique affiliate ID you’ll be assigned to create a hyperlink on your website to ours. Choose from a simple “Click here for behavior resources” button on your home page or add a separate page with a bit more detail for your clients about why you are recommending our products. To make it super easy for you, we’ve created templates for the button and for your new webpage in our affiliate marketing center! All you or your webmaster needs to do is upload the code. Or you are free to create your own referral button or page. You MUST use your unique affiliate link though so our sites can track your sales.

When your clients click on your affiliate link on your website, they’ll first be taken to a special affiliate landing page on AnimalBehaviorAssociates.com. From there, any product your client purchases on our sites that is part of our affiliate program will be tracked back to you and you’ll receive a commission, just as if you’d sold the product in your hospital, training facility, kennel, grooming salon or shelter. View a list of our products included in our affiliate program.

Our behavioral products for pet owners are located on www.HelpingFido.com and www.HelpingKitty.com. No matter which site your client buys from, your sales will be tracked. You’ll find specific details on how this all works, what percentage we pay and when, and other marketing help once you are approved for our affiliate program.

Don’t have a webmaster or don’t feel confident to do this yourself? No worries! For a small setup fee, we’ll take care of putting the codes or a new page on your website.

Don’t have a website or one with your own domain name? Still no worries! We’ve partnered with a great webmaster we’ve worked with for years who will create a site and arrange for 1 year of hosting for as little as $250! So if you’ve been meaning to create or upgrade your site, now’s your chance to get one at a very reasonable cost and have it immediately begin to pay for itself.

Don’t wait to get started. Sign up here for our affiliate program. There’s no risk to you.

Click here to sign up now!

Get more information about our Website Packages Here.


That’s a very good question, and to understand the difference, take a look at the following comparison table.

Percentage earned Usually 30%. The percentage is less as an affiliate because we do the order fulfillment to your clients. You may actually earn MORE as an affiliate because you won’t be using staff time or your limited physical space to manage inventory and order fulfillment. You usually buy from us at a 50% discount and so you earn 50% of the retail price. You must figure in shipping costs to you and inventory management costs to determine your final profit on each product.
Purchase minimums No, your clients order from us whatever number of products they want. You must purchase a minimum of 10 of any product from us at one time to be eligible for the wholesale discount.
Who fulfills your client’s order? We do. We ship the product directly to your client after the online order is placed (either by your client directly or by you on their behalf). Some products are digital downloads. You do. You put the product in your client’s hands at your place of business
Who manages inventory We do. You do not have to worry about ordering and re-ordering, storing product at your business, and making sure you don’t run out of stock, because we are responsible for order fulfillment. You do. You buy in quantity from us and keep our products in stock at your place of business.
Digital Downloads Yes. Some of our products are digital downloads, allowing your clients to have the information immediately. These can ONLY be delivered online. No. For obvious reasons digital downloadable products cannot be included in a wholesale program.
Upfront investment No. The only cost you incur is if you must pay your webmaster or us to put the affiliate link on your website. Yes. You must order the product and carry inventory costs until the products are sold.
Getting paid We pay quarterly through PayPal for earned commissions $50 or more, so you must establish a PayPal account. You are paid whenever your customer buys the product.

If you want, you can do both - join our affiliate program and order in quantity from us. If you find you sell a large quantity of a particular product, you might want to buy wholesale from us and stock the product at your place of business. You can still join our affiliate program to make other products available to your clients without having to stock them. If you don’t do much retail, don’t have the space to stock much product, or don’t even have a retail sales tax license, our affiliate program is probably better for you. And obviously digital products are only included in our affiliate program.

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